Fox Control

Foxes can carry disease which may affect humans and pets. They can also carry a range of parasites, detrimental to the health of domestic pets and people.

Foxes (and dogs) carry a number of internal parasites. For people, the most important are roundworm (Toxocara canis) and Echinococcus, which causes hydatid disease. These diseases are acquired by ingestion of worm eggs passed in the droppings of an infected animal.

Foxes are also susceptible to Weil’s disease (Leptospirosis), which can be passed on to domestic pets and humans via contact with their urine.

The most commonly observed infection of foxes is sarcoptic mange. This is a skin condition caused by a mite, resulting in extensive hair loss and which can be fatal if not treated, highly contagious among foxes, They can destroy and entire brood of chickens in one night. Can cause hundreds of pounds worth of damage taking lambs, geese and other poultry. Foxes are becoming more brazen and have been known to enter domestic property.

If you have a domestic fox problem or need to clear an area of foxes for building work or public health we can assist you. Once contacted Hampshire wildlife & pest control we will arrange a site visit to establish your needs and conduct a management plan which will give you the best solution to your fox problem in conjunction with your wishes. We can advise on how to prevent future issues.

Hampshire wildlife & pest control pride ourselves on conducting your business in a professional, discrete and safe manner. We offer live capture where suitable. Our controllers have many years of fox control. If live capture isn’t possible then a lethal option may be suitable for use in rural and urban areas. We have the relevant licenses where required.

We can offer advice and services for –

  • How to fox proof your garden
  • How to deter foxes from your garden using non lethal means such as sprays
  • Trap and remove foxes
  • Shooting in the correct circumstances
  • Advice on fox proofing and deterrents from your property

Prices start from £75. Prices are specific for each individual client depending on the circumstances. 

Every effort will be made to provide you with the very best service. Unfortunately not all our methods are guaranteed to work quickly. We are working with unpredictable animals and they don’t always follow the script. We may require two or more visits should any foxes not make an appearance at your premises on the occasions you employ us. The fox may not present itself in a manner that allows as safe and humane shot to be taken. Prices are variable for your personal situation.