Rodent control

Rats, mice and squirrel’s can cause problems for homes, commercial properties, gardens and wildlife.

At Hampshire Wildlife & Pest Control we pride ourselves on fast and effective rat and mice control in Hampshire and surrounding areas. If you have an infestation of rodents please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will conduct a site survey, listen to your requirements and produce a personalised plan to get the rodents under control and terminate the problem. Getting a rodent infestation under control can take time. At least two visits will be required, depending on the situation. We will establish where and what the problem is, but once identified treatment can be swift. Prevention is key and will can rodent proof your property where needed. 


All traps and bait set at your property are fully risk assessed giving the upmost thought to children, pets and other persons who may be using the affected area. Any traps and bait set and laid are placed humanely and safely. We start the treatment by using an integrated pest management plan. This is considered the most effective method of rodent control. Finally we will offer advice to assist in future rodent prevention.

We are happy to provide free advice over the phone. Often simple steps can reduce the problem if the infestation isn’t too serious. A minimum of two visits is required. 

Treatments start from £75