Wasp and bee control

Wasps can cause a lot of problems in homes, commercial properties, gardens and open spaces. Making it difficult in avoid getting stung at times!

If you have a wasp problem, then please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will conduct a site survey, listen to your requirements and produce a plan to get the pests under control and remove the issue. In most instances we will be able to do a treatment straight away.

All treatemnts at your property are fully risk assessed giving the upmost thought to children, pets and other persons who may be using the affected area. We have treated wasps in walls, roofs, lofts, garages, kitchens and even a fish pond! We have a telescopic lance which reaches upto 9m. Where we can we will treat the nest directly and then remove it for no extra charge. 

Contrary to popular belief, bees are not a protected species. However they are very important to the whole eco-system and as such are treated very carefully. Bees are our predominant pollinators, pollinating a third of the food we eat and 80% of flowering plants. Pollination is crucial because many of our vegetables, fruits and the crops that feed ourselves and our livestock, rely on it to be fertilised, so without it, we could go hungry. To that end we won’t use an insecticide against bees unless its absolutely necessary. Other options are to try and remove the bees to a suitable location and prevent them getting into the affected area again.

Masonry Bees and Minor Bees are common in the UK, and both are harmless. Minor Bees will make very small burrows on the bank of a lawn with sandy soil. Masonry Bees will also exploit weakness in structural defects of a home, the brick pointing for example.


Price start from £65 for a single nest treatment.